About Himmel Blue

We believe in providing premium quality handcrafted soap suitable for everyone. Using natural oils and butters as the base ingredient, our soap range also includes homebrewed ingredients such as milk kefir, kombucha and cider.
We strive to increase awareness of being environmentally conscious through producing eco-friendly products with the consumer in mind. In pursuit of the art of soap making, we are dedicated in the continuous exploration of new recipes and innovation in producing handcrafted soaps suitable for all skin types.
How we incorporate sustainable practices in business?
Practise sustainable is part of our belief most of our soaps are use used beer yeast after fermentation to create our beer shampoo bars. We also used milk kefir, kombucha scoby and rescued breast milk which are often thrown away when they are in surplus, to make our soap and lotion bars use they suitable for sensitive skin, ezcema skin etc.